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Wedding photography

Photography – Lighting For Wedding Photography
by Evan Scott

Lights is a vital ingredient for wedding photography. Unlike other parts of professional photography, weddings require all kinds of lighting, all on the same day, for example window light, landscape lighting, bounce lighting, and multiple electronic lighting.

Each type of light have their drawbacks but in addition offers opportunities […]

Low light digital photography

Revitalizing Your Low Lighting Digital Photography Capabilities
by Elaine Estrada

Taking images¬†outdoors during the day is pretty simple with a standard camera since you generally don’t need to adjust the settings and the illumination is good enough to make the information of an image pop out. Night and low light digital photography may be more daunting. As […]

D5200 movies – sound number 1


The best ways to record sound with your Nikon D5200
There are two areas where photographers really struggle when they try to move into making videos. The first is understanding that, with moving pictures, they can use the movement of the camera to help tell the story – so they don’t need to fit […]