Canon 1300D video settings

Shoot great videos with the Canon 1300D/Rebel T6
Check out these Canon 1300D/T6 video settings

The Canon 1300D/Rebel T6 DSLR is a great camera for shooting stills and also movies. However, it is always a good idea to get the Canon 1300D video settings right from the start.
The Canon 1300D has a specific option for […]

Canon Ixus 115 HS

The Canon Ixus 115 HS is Simple, Practical and Stylish
The Ixus 115 points, shoots and videos impressively

This is one of Canon’s ‘don’t make me think’ range of cameras and, if you want a pretty camera to point and shoot, or record your memorable moments, then this will do the job very well. The 12 […]

Best Nikon D3400 settings

How to set up your Nikon D3400 DSLR camera properly
Get your D3400 settings sorted right at the start


Nikon D3400 settings are pretty straightforward. The first thing you need to do is to charge your battery. When you buy the camera you will receive a battery and a battery charger and, although the battery may […]

Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3 review

The Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3 is your first step onto the D-SLR ladder
The 1100D is competent and straightforward

The Canon EOS 1100D is Canon’s budget model. It gets all the important stuff right, such as metering and focus and the beginner should be perfectly happy with the range and quality of this camera. Many […]

The Canon 600D / Rebel T3i

The Canon EOS 600D is a Class Act
The Canon 600D is a Great Camera for a Good Price

If you are buying your first D-SLR or upgrading from anything more than about three years old, the Canon 600D / Rebel T3i is a great combination of features and capability at a very reasonable price. Enthusiasts looking […]

Getting The Very Best Professional Camcorders

Getting The Very Best Professional Camcorders

by Dale Smith
Professional camcorders should be your ultimate choice when you plan to take a movie or picture of high standards. Normal photos and videos of family, friends and relatives can be taken using a normal camcorder itself. There are two major differences between the normal camcorders and […]

An introduction to the first photography – Daguerreotype

Rode Mics for your Nikon D5200

TThe Rode range of Mics are ideal for DSLR videographer

There are various ways of recording sound when you are shooting video with your D5200. Whilst using the internal mic is the easiest option, the sound quality is not good enough for professional use, or if you have to compete with any background noise.
The Rode […]

Wedding photography

Photography – Lighting For Wedding Photography
by Evan Scott

Lights is a vital ingredient for wedding photography. Unlike other parts of professional photography, weddings require all kinds of lighting, all on the same day, for example window light, landscape lighting, bounce lighting, and multiple electronic lighting.

Each type of light have their drawbacks but in addition offers opportunities […]

Low light digital photography

Revitalizing Your Low Lighting Digital Photography Capabilities
by Elaine Estrada

Taking images outdoors during the day is pretty simple with a standard camera since you generally don’t need to adjust the settings and the illumination is good enough to make the information of an image pop out. Night and low light digital photography may be more daunting. As […]