Compact Cameras are Small, Practical and Fun

Compact Cameras have carved their place in the modern photographic landscape. Whilst point-and-shoot is often used as a derogatory term, that is exactly what they are for and many of them do it very well.

Nikon aw100 compact camera

Before Digital technology came onto the scene, most cameras had to be a certain shape to fit in the Single-Lens Reflex system.

Modern digital SLRs still have that system as it enables the user to look through the lens and see exactly the picture which is about to be taken. This is particularly useful if there are filters on the lenses. However, compact cameras don’t have this system and digital technology allows them to be small and thin. The only restricter for them is the quality of the lens. Recently lenses have become much better, as the major manufacturers take the market seriously and try to combat the progress of mobile phones.

whilst mobile phones have the advantage of being with the user nearly always, the quality, even of a mid range Compact is substantially better and so far, the mobile picture still has a sense of ephemorallity.

whilst mobile phones have been encroaching on the compacts territory, compacts have started fighting back by enabling geo-tagging, automatic uploading and in-camera editing.

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