The Nikon P7700 is perfect for both expert and enthusiast

Nikon Coolpix P7700 straight

Quality is key for this superb Nikon compact


The Nikon P7700 is really impressive. It combines all the usability of a point and shoot, whilst being a hi spec camera that will satisfy the enthusiast or pro for stills and the videographer for it’s movies. many of the specs on the P7700 you would expect to find on the far more expensive Semi-pro DSLRs.

Nikon P7700 landscape


The main features are:

The fast 7x Nikkor lens which gives you the equivalent of a wide 28mm through to a long 200mm lens and that produces immaculate images and video. The excellent fast lens which can produce beautiful shallow focus images and works brilliantly for action shots.

The highly sensitive 12 Megapixel sensor that offers clear detailed images even in low light conditions.

The articulated viewing screen which makes it easier to shoot at high or low angles, and is really useful when you are shooting video.

Other features include:

Fast and accurate contrast detect autofocus

The commander trigger system which enables you to control other Nikon flashguns remotely.
8 Frames per second burst speed

The standout features of the P7700 are a remarkable 7x nikkor lens that shoots from a wide 28mm to a telephoto 200mm. It is a really fast lens, opening up to f2. this means that the P7700 can shoot beautiful shallow depth of field images, or some fantastic sports shots. the lens has built in vibration reduction and a built in ND filter, which is especially handy for video.

nikon p7700 viewing screen

The 12 megapixel sensor is highly sensitive back illuminated which means that the camera seems to suck light in, even in low light conditions. The P7700 has broken away from having a viewfinder – though one can be bought as an accessory – and offers an excellent 3 inch LCD articulated viewing screen instead. It has the same specs as the D5000 cameras and it is clear, bright and accurate. I use one regularly when shooting videos on my Nikon D5200, and believe me when I say,  far from missing the normal viewfinder, you will wonder how people ever managed to produce a movie with it in the first place.

The Nikon P7700 also has a boosted frame rate and can now shoot 8 frames per second. Whilst this is only for a burst of 6 frames, it does reinforce the idea that you could easily use this camera for sports or nature photoraphy, especially now that it has the extremely quick contrast/detect autofocus system. The P7700 also has a pleasant surprise for studio photographers. It does have a built-in flash for on-the-move flash photography, but Nikon have also included a built-in commander unit. This means that you can trigger other nikon flashguns remotely from the P7700 flash. Suddenly this is a great studio camera. Videographers won’t feel left out either. The quality of the full HD video you can get on this camera is superb. You can have full manual control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO. There is a built-in stereo mic, though there is also a socket for an external mic.

So the Nikon P7700 is a super camera for all abilities and requirements. It offers all the manual control and hi specs of an expensive DSLR. It has the lens power to shoot wide landscapes, portraits, family photos, tight details and telephoto shots. The speed of the lens, combined with the vibration control and ND filter means that you can shoot bokeh images, sport and nature pictures and superb video. If you are a beginner, the P7700 can be fully automated and has 19 different pre-set modes to help get the best images from any situation.

This Coolpix is a lot of camera – great images, fantastic zoom capability and amazing video. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that it is small enough to fit into a bag or pocket. The Nikon P7700 is an exceptional camera that will help you to produce exceptional images. Click on the links for some great deals.

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