The Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3 is your first step onto the D-SLR ladder

The 1100D is competent and straightforward

Canon Eos 1100D

The Canon EOS 1100D is Canon’s budget model. It gets all the important stuff right, such as metering and focus and the beginner should be perfectly happy with the range and quality of this camera. Many of the camera components and systems have been inherited from other previous Canon models further up the range. Whilst it may not offer anything out of the ordinary, the EOS 1100D does a very competent job at taking good pictures with minimum amount of fuss. The beginner-friendly settings allow this and the advanced settings allow the novice to experiment and gain experience. This is an ideal camera for someone who wants to learn the craft of photography.

Canon EOS 1100D Rebel T3 dslr Camera

The EOS 1100d is an excellent introduction to D-SLR photography, giving you all the quality and flexibility of the range at a very reasonable price.

The 1100D offers 12 mega-pixel files and an ISO range of 100-6400. The Autofocus is quick and accurate. Whilst the 3 Frames per Second burst speed isn’t exceptional, it all adds up to a very competent basic camera especially for low-light photography and even sport, if required. As well as full manual mode, the camera can help the user with its pre-set scene modes and Basic+ option. The on-screen Feature Guide is clear and simple to follow, explaining terms and suggesting ways to improve shots. It can also be fitted with an eye-fi card to enable you to transfer your pictures straight to a PC.

The video option is good, though only standard HD ( 720p ) and it has an HDMI port which will allow you to watch on your TV.



Canon EOS 1100D Image Quality and Handling

The Rebel T3 is a very straightforward camera and the image quality is very good. The camera’s metering and focusing are simple and very easy to use. The 1100D’s image detail and resolution are on par with it’s competitors ( which , broadly speaking is excellent ). It also shoots Standard Definition video. Physically, this is not a big camera and would be ideal for a young photographer to start with. Even so, this wouldn’t be a problem for adult hands either. There are plenty of direct access controls and most important parameters have got a dedicated button. New Canon users will find the 1100D intuitive and simple to use.

The Canon EOS 1100D/ Rebel T3: Conclusion 

The Canon 1100D is a very good entry level camera that will produce good work on basic settings and allow the novice to widen their experience. It has good resolution and detail and decent autofocus. Its on-screen menu offers good access to options and settings. Its a great starting point for someone who wants to step up from compact and get a ‘proper’ camera.


The Canon EOS 1100D is a solid entry-level performer. The image quality is good and beginners will find their way around the user interface pretty quickly. It doesn’t distract you with things you don’t need and is a pleasure to use.

Canon EOS 1100D Features

12-megapixel Files: Very good quality that can be blown up to poster size.

On-screen Feature Guide: Really useful, especially for beginners.

Creative Auto and Basic+: Auto settings that let you concentrate on the content, if you wish.

HD video capture: Standard HD, but very clear and crisp.

ISO 100-6400: Flexible enough for most uses.

 9-point Autofocus: Quick and accurate.

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