Nikon D3400 ISO settings

The Nikon D3400 and ISO settings
Why ISO is important and how to set it.

It is really useful to understand the Nikon D3400 ISO settings. In very basic terms, ISO is simply a camera setting that sets the sensitivity of the sensor in the camera and that in turn will brighten or darken your photograph. As you […]

Pentax K-7

The Pentax K-7 is a small camera brimming with features

The Pentax K-7 is a great all-rounder. It can shoot over 5 frames per second, push the shutter speed to 1/8000 sec and produce a healthy 14.6 Mega-pixel file. the compact K-7 has a tough magnesium alloy body and is really good build quality. Whilst […]

Pentax K5

The Pentax K5 has a Mass of Features in a Small Body
Flagship Camera is Pentax’s Best

The Pentax K5 is their top of the range D-SLR. It is smaller and lighter than it’s competitors, but is packed with excellent features. It shoots a 16 Mega-pixel file and can push ISO to a remarkable 51200. It […]

Nikon Coolpix L26

The Nikon Coolpix L26 is a Great First Camera
The Nikon Coolpix L26 is an excellent camera for beginners. It is a described as a no frills camera- and is one of the cheapest around, but has a surprising array of features and still retains the quality you would expect from Nikon. The 5x lens […]

Lumix TZ20

The Lumix TZ20 is a Jet Set Darling
The Lumix TZ20 lets you travel World and Never get Lost

With the Lumix TZ20, Pansonic have taken their excellent technology and produced a camera that makes sharing your images so much easier with GPS geo-tagging. It is amongst the best in category with its 14 Mega-pixel files […]

Lumix DMC G3

The Lumix DMC G3 is a Flyweight Champion
Smaller, Faster, Tougher – the G3 is a Great CSC
Panasonic were the first manufacturer to bring out Compact System Cameras (CSC) and to revolutionize how we think about D-SLRs. However, they haven’t rested on their laurels. Each new generation aims at a different niche and satisfies different […]

Nikon D3400 white balance

Nikon D3400 white balance settings are worth checking out

Nikon D3400 white balance is one of my favorite settings for a couple of reasons. The first is that it helps you set the camera so that you get naturally exposed pictures which is really good. And the second is that you can use that same […]

Nikon D3400 buttons

The Nikon D3400 Buttons

The Nikon D3400 buttons allow you to get into the inner workings of the camera easily. Whilst the Mode Dial is a useful short cut to se the camera to shoot in specific styles, the buttons will give you more control over your pictures and videos.
The Nikon D3400 buttons at the top begin […]

The Nikon D4

The Nikon D4 Straddles the Stills/Video Divide

The D4 is an Ideal Camera for the Professional Photographer and Videographer
The Canon 5d markII set the standard for the professional photo/video camera. It is no surprise that Nikon’s response has upped the ante in both departments. However, instead of revolution, Nikon have chosen to improve incrimentally in […]

Fujifilm x10

Fujifilm’s X10 Will get the Best from You
The X10 is the Complete Package that Combines Latest Technology with Classic Good-Looks

Someone at Fuji is on a nostalgia trip. The X-series cameras look like they should hanging around the neck of Ernest Hemingway. The X10 is a compact camera that is just begging to go to […]