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ninok d3400 manual front borderWith this SUPERB  Nikon D3400 Manual!

 This Manual has exclusive videos, excellent   information and advice:

 Over 100 pages

 Menus, Effects and Functions explained

 Chapters on Video and Movie shooting

 Available as a book or digital download

 Full money back guarantee on the digital edition

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The brilliant tips and tricks on metering, focusing, how to use the flash and how to shoot great movies have come from years of working with some of the best photographers in the industry. There are chapters on best equipment, lenses and setting up studio lights and chapters on shooting portraits, landscapes, action and reportage photography, again with great advice and tips. And for anyone who wants to use the Canon 1300D/Rebel T6 to shoot movies – it is a great video camera – the are chapters on video basics, using picture controls, how to get the best sound, and much more.

Written by Jeremy Bayston, who has over twenty years’ experience in the photographic industry, this Superb Manual explains all the basics of the camera, of photography and of videography with a fully detailed book and 4 hours of unique training videos.

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We have just joined forces with the international learning platform, Udemy.

The Nikon D3400 manual is available as a digital video course on Udemy. Check out the details here!


Check out our reviews for our Superb manual for the Nikon D3400

stars“The training videos are excellent”

I saw some of his videos about this camera on youtube and so bought the manual as a digital download from his website. The training videos are excellent – they really helped me understand the camera and encouraged me to go out and take pictures. He also explains how to shoot videos with the D3400, though I don’t really want it for that. The manual itself is well written and interesting, but its the videos that really make it stand out. I am glad I bought it.

stars“I really liked this manual”

I really liked this manual. The information is clear and it is written well – not dry and technical. The writer obviously loves photography and his enthusiasm comes through. I didn’t know much about photography – this is my first DSLR camera – and this is really helping me get to grips with it. The videos are really good too, clear with lots of examples. I bought this off his website as a digital download and it is great value for money.

Isiah Hooks 2nd Sept, 2017

stars“Excellent and detailed manual”

This is a really good manual. I got it through the website as a digital download and found being able to click straight through to the videos really useful. I started not knowing anything about DSLR cameras – I had a compact before – and after reading this book and watching the videos I am ready to take great photos with my D3400.

Karen W  10th Aug. 2017

If you are not entirely satisfied with this manual, I will give you your money back. Just contact me here: with proof of purchase.

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