The Pentax K-7 is a small camera brimming with features

pentax k_7

The Pentax K-7 is a great all-rounder. It can shoot over 5 frames per second, push the shutter speed to 1/8000 sec and produce a healthy 14.6 Mega-pixel file. the compact K-7 has a tough magnesium alloy body and is really good build quality. Whilst none of the features are ground-breaking, the K-7 packs a pretty good punch and can compete with its semi-pro rivals. And in terms of price, it’s a pretty good deal. It can shoot Standard Definition video and has an external Mic socket.

The Pentax K-7 features

The Pentax K-7 images show good detail and colors. The results look clean and rich. When shooting RAW files, it has good noise reduction at higher ISO.  There is a wide selection of shooting modes that enable you to tweak aperture, ISO and shutter speeds according to your needs. The Pentax K-7 has an impressive build quality and feels solid to hold. The large number of external dials are sensibly laid out. The menu system, which allows you more complicated selections, is logical and intuitive. There is a good quality hi-res LCD screen.

Pentax K-7: Conclusion  

The K-7 can produce quality images at a good file size of 14.6 Mega-pixels. It has great build quality and and feels sturdy in the hand. The external controls are straightforward and intuitive. It can shoot 5 frames per second and has a very fast shutter speed.


The Pentax K-7 has great build quality and offers a vast range of customization options. It is compact with sensible dials and excellent ergonomics.  This would be a very competent second body for a semi-pro photographer.


Weather proofed system (inc: standard lens and grip)

14.6 MP stabilized CMOS sensor

HD video, stereo microphone input, HDMI output

Frame rate 5.2 fps.

Shutter speed 1/8000e sec.

Pentaprism viewfinder, 100% field of View

3”LCD with 921K dots, Liveview

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