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Nikkor 12-24mm lensThe Nikon 12-24mm lens would be a great addition to your lens collection. It is one of their semi-pro lenses and has eleven elements (pieces of glass). This makes it feel quite heavy, but the toughened plastic shell makes it feel sturdy in the hand. The metal mount ring and quality of the focus and zoom rings does give the lens an air of permanence. If cared for, this lens should be around for a good few years and should certainly outlast your current Nikon body, the next one and possibly the one after that.


12mm is just outside fish-eye territory and ideal for internal room shots and close ups though it is hardly a macro. Zooming up to 24mm gives you a view not far away from normal human vision. It smoothly goes from 12-24 with markers for 15, 18 and 20mm on the zoom ring.


This is a fixed aperture lens. F4 is the fastest setting, but it extends to f22 with plenty of aperture options in between. It is not a super fast lens, so shallow depth of field is not really an option, but the fact that it is fixed and its focal length is close to normal vision means that it is an ideal general lens for shooting video. Unlike some wide lenses, there is not much light fall off or vignetting throughout the zoom range.

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This is a DX lens, built for DX cameras like the Nikon D3000, D5000 and D7000 series of bodies. It has video friendly SWM (silent wave motor) technology, making it very fast and relatively quiet. It is an IF lens, which means that you can put a filter on it ( 77mm) and offers extra low dispersion (ED). One thing I particularly like about it is that it has an M/A switch for the auto-focus, which means that you can manually over-ride the autofocus without having to switch from Auto to Manual – though this lens is pretty forgiving when it comes to focus, especially for movies.


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If you got the kit lens with your D5200, this is a really useful addition, offering a massive leap in image quality. The 18-55mm lens is a pretty good general lens, but it can’t compete with this top quality beast. This lens is perfect for video, travel photography and landscapes. It is not a cheap lens, but its performance is excellent and it is built to last.

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