Shooting Supercars with the Nikon D5200 was a Real Thrill

The Video Quality was Superb from this DSLR

A couple of weeks ago we got the chance to shoot some video for one of our clients who run supercar track days in Scotland. We wanted to get plenty of stock video so that, over the next few weeks, we could put together a selection of movies to advertise their next visit to the track. We had a really great day – the weather was superb and the crowds were really enthusiastic. The great thing about Supercars Scotland is that they are so enthusiastic about cars. It is infectious. I am not a petrol head by any means (I’ve got a boring Saab) but they took me round the track a couple of times on the Lambo (that’s a Lamborghini Gallardo, if you didn’t know…) and it literally took my breath away. It’s not just the acceleration, it’s the awesome breaking power of these cars that amazes you.

Anyway, I took the Nikon D5200 along. We were using a Nikon D800, D3s and Panasonic AF100 for the main action shots, but I was to shoot some of the drop in segments. The light was really bright, so I made sure to drop the picture profile down to neutral and focussed on doing the fronts of the cars. We have a make shift slide system made from some plastic piping and so I shot the from to the orange Lambo with that. Although we were planning to put music over most of the video, I didn’t want the noise, or inconsistency of the autofocus, so I used AF to focus and then switched it off on the lens. That way the Lambo stayed in focus even when other cars were in the shot. Next time I shall try to focus from one to the other.

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Other than changing the picture profile from standard to neutral and controlling the focussing, I left everything on auto. Let me know what you think!

Here is one of the finished videos….

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